PT. Alkmaar Asia Pacific

* General

* As a Software Engineer/Senior Software Engineer, you will be expected to independently work at new developments and customer specific solutions. You will be responsible for designing, estimating, coding, unit testing, and debugging new features being added to various applications for projects in traffic and public transport automation

* Activities

* Make and keep up to date of planning of own project
* Specify, design, code and testing of software (global and detailed design)
* Create, review and execute test protocols
* Execute and manage reviews
* Contribute to process improvements

* Working process

* Work has to be done according to the procedures available; within these boundaries the software engineer/team leader has his own professional responsibility. Decisions outside these boundaries are taken by the technical manager


* Excellent skills in software development in C/C++, and/or .NET/C#
* Strong analytical and coding skills
* Able to grasp new technologies quickly
* Excellent communication and cross-group collaboration skills
* Ability to work independently
* Solid foundation for software architecture and software engineering practices
* BA/BS degree in Computer Science or a related technical field is preferred
* Candidates with no work experience are also invited to applyOther
o Good knowledge of English language
o Prepared to travel and to be trained in Europe for some months

Please send your CV and recent photograph to :

PT. Alkmaar Asia Pacific
Majesty Office Building B6 – B9
Jalan Suryasumantri No. 91
Bandung 40164 – Indonesia
Email to: alkmaar_apa@yahoo.com




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